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We will respond patiently and carefully to any inquiries and feedback from customers; For any inquiry from customers, we will provide professional and reasonable quotations as soon as possible.

  • Q. 1. Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?

    We have our own base paper factory and coating factory. At the same time, we also have a professional sales department. We are a company integrating industry and trade.
  • Q. 2. What products can you provide?

    We mainly produce dye-sublimation transfer paper, water-based new ink for decorative paper, printing ink for decorative paper, and dipping aids
  • Q. 3. What are the main application areas of your products?

    Sublimation transfer paper is mainly used in digital printing industry, for printing of chemical fiber fabrics, printing of fast fashion items (scarves, hats, shoes, etc.), customized printing of personalized products (mugs, souvenirs, webbing, crystal glass) Decorations, lithographs, etc.). Water-based printing ink for decorative paper is mainly used in the production of decorative paper such as laminate flooring, furniture decoration, fire door panels
  • Q. 4. Can you make customized products?

    Sublimation transfer paper can be customized in width and meter according to customer requirements; Decorative paper ink printing ink can be customized according to customer's production requirements.
  • Q. 5. Do you have product quality testing standards?

    For each variety of products, we have specially formulated enterprise product quality testing procedures and standards based on industry standards or national standards.
  • Q. 6. What is the production capacity of your company?

    The monthly production capacity of sublimation transfer paper products is about 40 million square meters, and currently has 4 high-speed coating production lines and nearly 20 rewinding and slitting equipment; The monthly production capacity of water-based new ink-brushing products for decorative paper is 400 tons.
  • Q. 7. How many employees does your company have, and how many of them are technicians?

    The company has more than 180 employees, including more than 20 professional technicians and more than 10 engineers.
  • Q. 8. What is the payment method?

    The current payment method for foreign trade orders is T/T, L/C, the order amount is less than 1000 US dollars, and the full payment is required before the order; the order amount is greater than 1000 US dollars, 30% needs to be paid before the order, the final payment is paid before shipment; other circumstances can be Specific consultation The payment method for domestic orders depends on the specific situation.
  • Q. 9. How to deliver the goods to customers?

    Foreign trade orders are basically shipped by sea. We are close to Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port. Shipping exports are very convenient. If the customer's goods are urgent, we can also ship by air. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is also close to us; Domestic orders are shipped using logistics and chartered vehicles, depending on the specific order.
  • Q. 10. How long does the order take from order placement to shipment?

    The delivery time of conventional sublimation transfer paper products is 7-15 days, and the delivery time of customized products depends on the specific situation; The shipping time of water-based printing ink for decorative paper is 3-5 days for conventional products, and the shipping time for customized products depends on the specific situation.
  • Q. 11. Where are your goods mainly exported?

    Sublimation transfer paper products are mainly exported to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia, the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries.
  • Q. 12. Wrinkle and wipe the nozzle during printing

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    (1) The amount of ink is too large for the paper to withstand —— Replace heavy-weight paper;

    (2) The printing environment is too dry —— The humidity of the printing environment is controlled at 45%-65% between;

    (3) Winder tension is too high —— Adjust the winding tension according to the situation;

    (4) The elastic edge of the paper, the paper is not running smoothly —— Increase the loose edge tension or replace the paper.

  • Q. 13. Wrinkling during transfer

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    ( 1 ) The unwinding tension on both sides of the transfer machine is inconsistent —— Adjust the tension of the transfer machine to keep the tension on both sides consistent;

    ( 2 ) Insufficient pressure on the blanket of the transfer machine —— Increase blanket pressure;

    ( 3 ) Backing paper or fabric wrinkled —— Cut off the existing transfer backing paper and fabric, and retransfer;

    ( 4 ) The elastic edge of the paper, the paper is not running smoothly —— Increase the unwinding tension of the loose side of the transfer machine. If the transfer machine cannot adjust the unilateral tension, artificially increase the tension of the loose side;

    ( 5 ) The fabric is too thick and the breathability is poor —— Slow down the transfer speed.

  • Q. 14. Color difference during printing or transfer

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    (1) The printer nozzle is clogged —— Clean the nozzle or replace the nozzle;

    (2) Uneven coating of paper —— replace paper;

    (3) Print arching to produce displacement —— Replace paper with a higher grammage or with a faster drying rate;

    (4) Inconsistent paper base coating —— Use the same model product;

    (5) Inconsistent transfer conditions —— Uniform transfer conditions ;

    (6) The storage time of printed paper varies greatly —— Keep the storage time basically the same.

  • Q. 15. Sticky color on the back of the transfer paper

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    (1) Too much ink has not dried —— Change to a higher gram weight product or strengthen the drying force;

    (2) The storage environment is too humid, and the printed paper is damp —— Store the printed product in a sealed plastic bag;

    (3) The ink used is easy to sublime —— Control the printing environment temperature and storage temperature, it is recommended to be lower than 30 Celsius;

    (4) Liquid drips on the paper during printing and rewinding —— Clean up the printing equipment in time.

  • Q. 16. The edge of the printed pattern is blurred, the lines become thicker, and the ink bleeds

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    (1) damp paper —— Replace paper and control the humidity of product storage environment 45%-65% ;

    (2) low moisture content of paper —— Adjust the humidity of the printing environment, expose the paper to the environment before printing, and balance the moisture of the paper;

    (3) The paper used is too rough, resulting in reduced clarity —— Change the paper and use a product with high smoothness.

    (4) The amount of printing ink is too large and the paper cannot absorb it —— Replace with higher grammage product.

  • Q. 17. White lines appear during printing or transfer

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    (1) Scratch defects in the coating process —— replace paper;

    (2) Scratches and scratches during slitting —— replace paper;

    (3) The feed roller is scratched during printing —— Clean printing equipment, replace paper ;

  • Q. 18. White spots appear during printing and transfer

    Cause analysis and suggested solutions

    (1) Oil stains: generally larger, can be inked —— replace paper;

    (2) Water dots: regular small dots, not completely leaked after printing —— replace paper;

    (3) Dust: very fine, completely leaked —— Change the paper.

  • Q. 1. How can I prevent the printhead from being damaged due to paper arching?


    Due to the high drying temperature during printing, the paper fiber loses water, resulting in deformation and arching.


    (1)At a room temperature of 20~35°C and a humidity of 40~60%, the heating of the printing platform can be turned off, or reduce the temperature of the printing platform as much as possible to prevent arching caused by paper loss of water;

    (2)Reduce the suction force of the printer table as much as possible, especially when stopping printing, please turn off the table suction, so as to avoid the part of the paper left on the table from being sucked and wrinkled.

  • Q. 2. What should I do if the non-patterned part of the paper sticks to the powder during the powder spreading process?


    High humidity during the powder shaking process leads to powder sticking;

    Low humidity produces static electricity and powder sticking.


    (1)When the humidity is higher than 80%, turn on the dehumidifier or turn on the front guide plate of the powder shaking machine to heat up, so as to prevent the powder shaking from being dirty due to moisture absorption on the surface;

    (2)When the humidity is less than 40%, turn on the humidifier, and touch the machine with your hands to reduce static electricity when the powder shaking machine is powered off.

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