HDHT has grown steadily since 2001
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HDHT has grown steadily since 2001

Hangzhou Hydrotech Co., Ltd. was established in the National Science and Technology Park of Zhejiang University in 2001, and moved to Tonglu Economic Development Zone in 2007. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and an innovative pilot enterprise in Hangzhou. At the same time, it passed the ISO 9001:2000 certification of Swiss SGS Company.

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Our company has obtained 56 authorized patents, including 13 national invention patents and 43 utility model patents.

  • X8410/100gsm Super Speed Sublimation Paper

    1. MODEL: X8410/100gsm
    2. Large ink capacity, fast drying speed, X8410 will give you completely different experience of instant ink drying.
  • X8409/90gsm Super Speed Sublimation Paper

    1. MODEL: X8409/90gsm
    2. Large ink capacity, fast drying speed, X8409 will give you completely different experience of instant ink drying.
  • X8407/60gsm Super Speed Sublimation Paper

    1. MODEL: X8407/60gsm
    2. Large ink capacity, fast drying speed, X8407 will give you completely different experience of instant ink drying.
  • RHT-6105/48gsm High Speed Sublimation Paper

    1. MODEL: RHT-6105/48gsm
    2. Meet your triple requirements: high speed printing, fast drying; large ink absorbing capacity, suitable for dark transfer; rich color performance.
  • RHT-6510/100gsm Sticky/Tacky Sublimation Paper

    1. MODEL: RHT-6510/100gsm
    2. Thermally stick to various kinds of stretchy fabrics, stickiness stability.
  • RHT-5109/85gsm ECO Sublimation Paper

    1. MODEL: RHT-5109/85gsm
    2. Large ink absorbing capacity and wide printing adaptability.
  • S8412/125gsm A4 & A3 Sheets Sublimation Paper

    1. The sublimation transfer paper of Hangzhou Hydrotech Co., Ltd. has the advantages of high transfer rate, fast drying speed, bright color and stable quality. It is widely used in fashion, home textiles, sports, advertising signs, hard plates and other fields.
  • Kraft Paper

    1. This product has good lamination and composite properties with PE, PET and other plastics, and is an ideal paper base for paper-plastic composite applications. It can be used to design a variety of multi-layer flexible packaging structures for various application scenarios in the field of flexible packaging; at the same time, it has high strength and can be used alone to make food paper bags.
    2. The product is made of 100% virgin pulp and is used in various food packaging, which can be in direct and indirect food contact and meets the national GB9685 standard and FDA standard.
    Multipurpose paper for a variety of packaging applications
    Good coating and laminating properties with PE, PET and other plastics
    High strength, can be used to make food paper bags alone
    High whiteness and uniformity, with good printing effect
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