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  • Sublimation Transfer Paper

    Sublimation transfer paper of Hydrotech are suitable for a large range of applications and available in a wide range of different weights, covering a range of 48-125 grams and comes with on-request technical support worldwide.

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  • DTF paper-based heat transfer film

    With the emergence and renewal of DTF (Direct To Film) technology, Hydrotech actively responds to the country's policy of“replacing plastic with paper”, then we developed the Richol (paper-based DTF) which solves the environmental problems in DTF applications, and saves production energy consumption...

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  • Packing Paper

    Hydrotech aims to provide solutions that help make companies eco-friendlier and more circular. We deliver more out of less by continuously reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire lifecycle. Every day we do our best to lead more eco-friendly lives. Hydrotech, protect...

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  • Water Based Printing Ink For Decorative Paper

    The water-based printing ink for decorative paper using the joint material resin developed by the company, high-performance domestic organic pigments are used, and the dispersant, organic pigments and nano fillers are combined organically with layer-by-layer assembly to effectively improve the stabi...

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